Payment options

For purchases from the online store you can choose the payment method you want:

1. Pay on delivery:
Upon receipt of the order you pay the amount due to the courier (cash on delivery). Cash on delivery charges the shipping costs with an additional 2,00 euro.

2. With credit card:
i. By debit or credit card through Alpha Bank's secure electronic transaction system. Cards are accepted:
Visa  Mastercard  Maestro  diners  american express  discover 

ii. Using the Masterpass e-wallet.
Use MasterPass

3. Bank account deposit:
By deposit in a bank account. The deposit can be made to the following accounts:

• National Bank of Greece
Account number: 21300727100
IBAN: GR2301102130000021300727100

Account number: 701002002029492
IBAN: GR2801407010701002002029492


Attention! In the case of a bank transfer via web banking, all trasfer frees need to be payed by the buyer. i.e. you. Our company must receive an amount equal to the value of your order.
In case of an error, you will have to make an additional deposit.

4. IRIS Payments:
IRIS Payments
As long as you have activated the IRIS service in mobile banking, you will be able to make your payments with a limit of 500,00 euros within seconds by entering the VAT number 047866818 (Beneficiary: LEVENTAKI ARTEMIS).

If you choose IRIS Payments, you must transfer the exact final amount shown on your order confirmation.

5. Cash / Card at the physical store:
Payment and receipt of the order from the store. You pay the price of your order directly at the cashier of the store.